Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Retired Stamps Project

$14 Smitten

These are the last of the Retired Stamps that I have for Sale.
For those of you that do not understand my Retired Stamps For Sale Project I will try and break it down in steps. These are just for individual orders and not Club orders.
1) Choose the stamp sets you would like
2)Email me to see if I still have the sets
3) I will email you back with the sets if I still have them and save them for 24 hours until you have placed your order
4)Place an order on my Stampin' Up! Website that equals the same price of stamp sets you would like--this would only be the subtotal and then you would pay the taxes and shipping
Example: You would like $50 worth of stamp sets so you can order $50 worth of merchandise on my website
5)As soon as you place your order on my website I will send you the retired stamp sets FREE and I will pay the postage. Be sure and send me your address.
I hope this helps!!! It is kind of confusing but a win, win for both of us!

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