Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 30th Storm

This is a few pictures of our blizzard we had yesterday. I was standing on the steps and took this picture of my husband as he was walking across the yard taking care of some horses.
Here are a few of the drifts we had today. My husband is cleaning out the driveway with the Bobcat. Some areas are brown and other areas have big drifts. All of the schools, etc. were closed down again for the second day! I shoveled the sidewalks and flower bed. I did it several times yesterday but in a few minutes it didn't look like I touched it. Also, got all of the snow off the cedar trees as they get so boggled down.
Here are the dogs posing for a picture in front of the garage. They love playing in the snow and chasing after snowballs. It is sunny out now but still pretty cool for almost April.

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Sarah said...

That was a lot of snow wasn't it? Is that Bud in the first photo?