Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scrapbook Club

Here are some pictures of our Scrapbook Club. We meet at Hardee's once a month to make a scrapbook page and 2 other projects-cards or a 3-D project. Deb and Erin are checking out the catalog after working on their Cocoa holder project.

Theresa is showing us the tree and ornaments she bought for her grandchildren. She is such a kind person and really into the family. Jennifer is working so hard on her scrapbook page as she is also completing her mother's projects tonight.

Theresa is thumbing through the catalog. It was like a whirlwind tonight at Club as the weather turned nasty so we didn't get to have our usual relaxing Club.

Cary and her mom, Lillian, getting ready to leave as the wind and snow are picking up. I have two mother-daughter members. Love it! Erin is working so hard again.

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