Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Leadership Bag

This is the cool bag we got from Leadership when we were in Nashville. I had so many compliments on it when I was out in public. I even had gals come up to me at the Grand Ol' Opery and ask me where I got that bag or they knew I was a Stampin' Up! demo as I had that bag! It is such a fun one! I just got back from leadership last night. I stayed the weekend and Shirley and I went touring Nashville for a few days! Everyone was so friendly and we sure did get to see a lot-Went on several tours and visited the downtown area.
Stampin' Up! also added the billfold that we could purchase in Memento Mall! I roomed with 3 other ladies that I had never met and we had such a great time together. So enjoyed Leadership and all of the classes and activities.


Sherry said...

Cute bag and wallet.

Patty said...

What a pretty purse! Thanks for sharing a picture of it with us! I wish I had one!!!