Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tornado Cloud

If you look real closely right above the right side of the red building you can see a tornado cloud. I had a hard time taking a picture of it as a pole was in the way. We were pulling out of McDonalds in Casper, WY last night and my husband looked up and there was a tornado cloud. It didn't touch down but was hanging up there. I dont know if I have ever seen one before in real life. We went over to watch one of our horses that we used to own run barrels in the National College Finals. He ended up 6th in the go around and 7th overall so we were very excited. This was my second trip over there this week. We got home early this morning but was worth the drive. Have a great Father's Day!

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Sarah said...

You are not in Kansas anymore Dorthy.
I grew up in Ohio and we had lots of tornadoes. I think they are fascinating.