Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Club Members

We are looking for some new Club Members for our Stamp Club. If you would be interested in joining please email me at Our clubs meet:
1)Scrapbook Club-First Tuesday of the Month at Hardees at Haines at 4:00 pm
2)Stamp Club--2nd Thursday of the Month at Hardees at Haines at 6:00 pm
3) Stamp Club --First Monday of the Month at Peg's House at 10:00 am
4) Stamp Club--First Friday of the Month at 6:30 at Becky Schwarz's House

If you would like to join every member buys merchandise each month depending on club and then they get to take turns being the Hostess. The Hostess gets the merchandise, separates it, and delivers it to the rest of the members. We have delivery down to a tee so it isnt complicated. She also gets the Free Level Sets and Free Merchandise and can also take outside orders to make her workshop higher. You do not have to attend the meetings but you do have to have your order into Peg the day before so we can close the workshop on the Meeting Night. If you commit to a Club you should just complete a rotation so it is fair to everyone so they get to be a hostess. It is so much fun and you get to meet a lot of new people and learn new techniques.
If you are not local you can also join and I would send you your materials for your projects each month and your merchandise. We make 3 projects at each club meeting. When it is your turn to be hostess and if you are not in the area I would just have the merchandise mailed to me and then I would deliver for you. Think about it and email me if interested!

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