Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Will Be Back

I will be back as soon as I can find my stamps and accessories. We had a rain and hail storm here on Sunday night. I was away and when I returned last night I had a lot of water damage in my stamp room (only room in the house). We figured it must have come in through the window and even got in my drawers. My whole family helped me last night as we tried to save as much as possible. It was mostly just moving furniture and items out and pulling up the carpet. Thank heavens for the phone call from Peggy last night so I went to my Stamp Room otherwise I wouldn't have went there until this morning. Thanks so much Peggy! My electrical appliances seem ok and it mostly just soaked items in the drawers. My reinkers were in a blue tin box and had about 3 inches of water in it but was easy to clean and saved them as all the lids were tight. It did not get any of my card stock. Saved again. This was minor compared to our hay crop!! Not a very good sight with the hail damage! Hopefully, some of the beautiful hay will come back. We do have a lot of water now and it is green!!!! All of the animals are OK!!! I guess we had 1 1/2 inches of rain in a short time but north of us had a lot more as water was up to the girls' 2nd wire in their fence line.

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Sarah said...

Not the most fun thing to come back to from Casper. That is a lot of water.Sorry this happened.