Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More & More Regional Ideas

Here are some more Regional ideas. I wish I could give credit to whoever made all of these spectacular items! How fun!!! This is made with the Big Shot and Felt--Cute candy corn idea!
The pendant die can be used in so many ways! This would be a good treat for classrooms, hospital patients, etc. All made from felt!!

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of this card! My favorite little kids--an awesome stamp set and you can make boys, girls, etc. The stamp set on the right can be yours FREE in the month of October and November if you have over a $350 or $400 workshop!!!
I finished all of my Card Organizers for the Bazaar yesterday! Yahoo! Now today's project is to clean up the MESS! I can't believe how I can make such a big mess in such a short time. Although, I just got through cleaning up the granery (storage for grains) and that was a disaster! I could put in a full time cleaning lady around this place--not much fun or pay--but it sure makes you feel good when you are done! Have a great day and ENJOY!!!!


Sarah said...

Enabler alert! I want those felt pieces.

Sandie Grisé said...

these are wonderful! I especially like the silverware and the candycorn- what great ideas!