Monday, October 20, 2008

Decorating the Offices

Bud and I always make Halloween treats for our girls'offices at the Rehab Hospital and the Vet Clinic. I always have so much fun trying new ideas every year. This year when I was at my sisters we found this recipe for Dirt Cake. What a mess! I had Oreos all over the kitchen before I was done. It did turn out cute with the ghost marshmellows and the gummy worms. I filled up the glass containers with popcorn, m & m's and candy corn. Note the vinyls on the side and the ribbon tied on top.

This vegetable tray was so much fun to make. I had a recipe with bacon and cream cheese, etc. On the outside I added olives for the hair, cucumber nose, pepperonies for the ears, parsnips and olives for the eyes, and a pretzal rod through the middle with a big olive on each side. I added green food coloring to some whipped cream cheese and spread over the dip. A little frosting for the eyes and mouth!!
This is what the table looked like at the Vet Clinic! I also made some Sour Cream containers with candy and some Hot Apple Cider! We always have so much fun delivering the treats and the staff are always so appreciative!!!! After the deliveries I had Club for my Monday group! We always have so much fun laughing and enjoying life! I had so many ideas to share with them from Regionals. Lunch afterwards was such a delight!!!

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Sarah said...

These are awesome Peggy!
I love the "Frankie".