Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Shot Envelope Boxes

Oh, my gosh, here are some more REAL COOL ideas from Regionals. Yesterday I had my Big Shot Class and we had so much fun experimenting with different textures and dies. Nancy also added a bunch of ideas with the Cuttlebug dies and some new Metal Dies! How fun! These baskets were made by Pat at in Minnesota. She gives step by step directions on her blog. So Easy to make. She even made her own confetti to put in the bottom of the box and added ribbon on the sides for reinforcement. This box was made with 4 Die Cut Envelopes on the Big Shot and then just glue the tabs together.
This box has a lid which is also made from the Envelope Die. You just make 4 more envelopes and cut them in half. Instructions are on Pat's website. She did a fantastic job at Regionals.

This box was smaller and just made from 2 envelopes.

How cute is this! This is just made from card stock and then she added the new Halloween DSP on the front along with the scallop. What a cool neighbor or luncheon gift. We worked with many materials yesterday just to see what would go through the Big Shot--cork, gasket material (awesome leather looking to go with the Bronco stamp set--amazing what you can find in your husband's shop), crumpled packaging paper, fun foam, chipboard, vinyl, material, etc. Also, if you have any Cuttlebug Dies--they are beautiful in the Big Shot!!! The new Love die is so pretty with the single edges. Nancy figured out a good trick so you do not get the extra line in there. Have a great day and I hope you are enjoying life as much as I am! So much to do!!!


Sarah said...

too cute! I want some.

Sandie Grisé said...

just when I decided that I didn't need those die...Peggy this stuff is fantastic! Thanks for sharing this with all of us! This stuff is amazing!