Monday, January 9, 2012

My Digital Studio

If you have bought the My Digital Studio Program again, be sure and go to and update your computer to 1.0.8 and you will get several new downloads for your program. I tell customers when they buy the program but sometimes they don't remember to download them and can't figure out why they dont have what I have when we have class. Which I understand as there is so much to remember so I am reminding you again to do the update.
We had class tonight and there were some questions so trying to answer them so more people can take advantage of this great program.
Also, your demonstrator gets credit when you buy a download and also when you send a project in to get printed.
Another little tip I have is that every week Stampin' Up! comes out with the downloads I run a copy and then keep them in a notebook in order as they are already by date! Be sure and mark what you have everytime you buy a download as when you buy as many downloads as I have you need a record of what you have bought.
I hope these little tips will help you. The technology department at Stampin' Up! is fantastic and always willing to help.

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