Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MDS Book About Me

This is a few pages that I made with my MDS for my Book About Me. I am not necessarily putting them in this order but I am just making individual 6 x 6 pages. I decided to make my book in 6 x 6 and use a Stampin' Up! linen photo album as they are so nice. Then when I looked at MDS you can not make 6x6 individual pages but you can make a 6x6 card and get 2 pages for the price of one. I thought about this option and then decided to take a 12x12 individual page and divide it into 1/4's. I have not got them back from the SU printer yet so crossing my fingers that I got everything on the correct lines. I used a 12x12 mat and then took my square punch and put it on the 6 inch line going horizontally and vertically and then paper filled it in to make one page, and then did the same process for page 2, 3, and 4. It is hard for me to imagine what it will look like on a 6x6 and I may find out I have left too much space between pictures and text. You need to send in 5 pages at a time to get the $2.50 per page or $12.50 total. You can send in under 5 pages but it will still cost you $12.50 plus the $6.95 shipping and tax. You can also add other SU products to your order so the $6.95 shipping doesnt seem so much. Can you tell I have a problem with shipping? I just mailed a little light weight apron yesterday and it was over $5.00. Crazy!!!
I love pictures and I think they are priceless so I can handle prices on pictures. Just this weekend I was looking at some old pictures and saying that this has got to be my priority to get all of these pictures in an album.
I hope you have a wonderful day-my chores are done and bookwork done so I am headed to my stamp room to be creative!!!!!!!!!!

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Sherry said...

I love it....such a cute baby and look at how pretty Aunt Betty and how handsome Uncle Gib are!!!!