Saturday, October 12, 2013


 Sorry, I have been gone a long time as we just went through a very tough blizzard in South Dakota! These are some of our trees that are left. We were without electricity for 6 days which was very minor compared to the livestock loss we went through.

The front of our house which was completely blocked out with the snow and 70 mph winds for only about 26 hours.
This is my husband in front of one of the drifts in the corrals. Many of our pipe fences are damaged. Today we had a lot of rain and now everything is flooding. We lost a lot of our cow herd and 6 horses. I have heard the loss up to to hundreds of cows on one ranch. The good thing is is that it did not get really cold. We used our bbq and camping stove for cooking, had a generator, old lamps, and had connected to city water a few years ago so always had running water. You can see many pictures of the actual blizzard and damage on facebook. I have never seen such a cattle loss in my lifetime-thousands of cattle are gone! We just need a few nice days so we can get cleaned up!

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