Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Butterfly Card

A stamper has to love this butterfly stamp! Wow! So much fun to work with! I have been absent for awhile as trying to design my stamp room. I can't believe the time it takes to run and get samples, make a room plan and look at ideas! Hopefully, I am on my way to a new designed room after 17 years. Also, working on my bathrooms trying to get some new countertops in, etc. It all takes so much time! Kami is now in her house and it is absolutely beautiful! We are helping Lana move her furniture, etc tomorrow into their new garage and then hopefully next weekend into their new home. I think they are carpeting Monday so getting ver close to the end! Will be so nice when everyone gets settled again! Hope you  have a great day-I am off to look at some new lights, countertops, and sinks!

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