Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Carry all Caddy

These Little Carry All Caddy's from 31 Bags on page 42-43. Just click on my sidebar on 31 Bags and it will take you right to pp 43 if you click on the page number. They are the best bags to use
on your tables for stamping supplies or you can also use them for "trash" on your table. They come in 7 different colors and you can get them for $12.00 plus shipping and tax. I use one on my table and then when I have class or club I am putting one on each table for scissors, dimensions, linen thread, glue dots, etc and will always have them ready for my next group. There is also a little net on the side for your dimensions or you could put your markers, aqua pen, etc in there. If you would like one just email me or click on my sidebar and go to my demo 31 website , click on catalog and then page 42-43 and it is right on the right hand top page.

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