Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ireland Projects

This is what I have been doing and the reason I have not been able to stamp. We went up to Cheryl's place and picked a bunch of grapes. I just finished making grape juice from them and then into jelly. We had picked some chokecherries earlier and I made jelly and juice from them. My husband loves chokecherry jelly on toast for breakfast. My brother and family were here yesterday and they all had to try some. My brother was hinting on taking some home so I had to give in and send him a jar.
Here is a picture of my Black Eyed Susans in my Rock Garden by my house.
I just love this time of the year as everything is so cool and beautiful. It is so nice to go out and do chores and feed the horses in the mornings when it is so cool and crisp. Love it!
This is what my husband has been creating. He has been carving out of a log for the 5 State Barrel Futurity. It will be used to display the trophy saddles. When it is completed I will take another picture and show you how it ended up! He is so creative and always coming up with a new project.

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Sherry said...

Your flowers look awesome and so does your rock garden.