Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Storm

Winter Storm Arrives Again!
This is the front of our house last week. While I was in Denver having a knee replacement our girls were taking care of our place. We did not have any idea this storm was moving in. There was no electricity and the interstate was closed for a few days!

This is the tunnel they made each morning so the dogs could get out of the garage. They ended up staying at our house as the roads to their house were closed.

This is Lana on top of a snow bank in our corrals. You can see how high the snowbanks are according to the trees in the background. Bud finally got through the banks this afternoon. We did find all of our cattle and horses finally today. It was wicked as the cows didn't want to cross ditches in this mess but they did get them home. All I could do was to make hot cocoa for them when they arrived home. My knee is doing well and I start therapy tomorrow. Ugh! I have been very pleased so far. I just made it down the steps tonight so hopefully I can begin stamping again!

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Sandie Grisé said...

glad to see that you're back home Peg! The storm was wicked nasty and left a ton of snow everywhere!
Let me know if you need anything :)