Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knee Replacement

I got home from Denver last Friday afternoon from my knee replacement surgery. We missed the storm but did get in on the clean up and the searching for cattle and horses. All of the livestock have been accounted for and they did get part of the cattle home. It was a long day on Sunday but everyone is safe and ok and that is important. I had my first therapy session yesterday and it went well. I can see where it will be a slow process and a lot of work. I was outside on the steps today and it was so nice and sunny. I just thank God for the wonderful family and friends I have! Everyone is so wonderful and taking great care of me which makes me just want to work harder at this and get back to better health. I can now get down the steps to the computer and stamp room and then crawl back up the steps. The walker has been a life saver--I can do little jobs as washing clothes, folding clothes, emptying the dishwasher, and baking. I do miss getting outside and doing chores but it will all come! Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!!!


Sherry said...

I told you to lock yourself in that basement. Sounds like you are doing way too much. Wish I were there to help you out.

Sarah said...

So glad you are back and doing well.