Friday, July 30, 2010

Convention Highlights

Jennifer is trying her luck on the Wheel of Fortune Wheel. She won some DSP! Way to go Jenn!
Jennifer, Dale Fillmore (CEO of SU), Shirrise and Sherry! They got a picture with Dale as I was in class! Darn! But we did get another one altogether later!
Shirrise and Jennifer working hard on their color pages. We took a class and got to make samples of all the colors with markers, card stock, and the stamp. Check out those great T-shirts that Kami designed and Lana ironed them on for us!
We had so much fun with the T-shirts, hats and glasses! We were easy to find in the crowd!

I am on stage getting an award for 20k and another Free Stamp Set!
Brent Steele (SU) is playing his banjo before his Halloween Demonstration. I will show you some of his projects tomorrow. What a great demonstrator!

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