Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flooding Rains

Yesterday we had a lot of rain again (1 3/4 inches) on top of all the rain we had last week. After the rain we took a tour around the countryside. This picture was by our log and auto gate with the ducks swimming. Water was running over the roads at many places.
This is part of our big dam that is filling up! Wow! It was really all over right after the rain.

This picture was by our log and auto gate. The water was running over the road here. My sister has been staying with us and we have been doing lots of stamping at night. Sunday we did a lot of outdoor work on our yard but I can see we wont be doing anymore for a few days. Her flight was cancelled yesterday so will see if she can get out today! I have really enjoyed the company! Have a great day!

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