Sunday, February 19, 2012

Computer Crash

Just a note to let you know that my hard drive crashed and not sure if we can save anything or not! Of course, it was my laptop that had all my pictures and MDS projects on it. I did have most of my pictures backed up on my external hard drive and my MDS downloads are all on another computer so thinking and hoping we can transfer them but not sure--I wont lose my downloads but may have to download each one again individually. Oh, the fun of computers!!! As soon as Dennis brings the computer back I will be up and running again.
In the meantime I have been scrapbooking which is good!!! I am almost finished with a Family Wedding Album and now will work on my Convention/Leadership Album which has not been added onto since the Orlando Convention!!! Then I am going to take all of my pictures out of albums and boxes and begin sorting. I had my albums all caught up to date and then through the years we have taken this picture out and that picture out for a school project and now have a mess again!!! Hopefully, by Spring my albums will be nice and neat again!!!! Have a great Sunday!!!

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