Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yes, I am still here! Wow! I haven't posted for so long! I have been helping my girls move! What a job! I just want to come home and start pitching. We got everything to storage and just have a room left to vacumn. I also spent a lot of time at the Fair last week so that also occupied a lot of my time. Today I took my Dad out for lunch and shopping and we had a nice day! I stopped into a local store today and while standing in line I had to hold words to myself. Ladies were buying designer paper and of course not the quality of ours at Stampin' Up! I just wanted to say something but kept quiet and changed lanes. Oh, my gosh it was even only designed on one side. This is the new Washington Apple DSP. It is so awesome.
This is a picture of the Haiku DSP. They are so gorgeous! Which one am I going to try first?

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