Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still Cleaning Up

Yes, I am still here but have not accomplished much stamping or scrapbooking. We are still cleaning up from our water mess! Yesterday Bud textured the walls and ceiling in the craft room and bathroom and today I got the bathroom painted. We also got the carpet out of the craft room and bedroom. Now we need to set up the beds as my brother and wife are coming for the weekend and Bud's brother is coming for a week. We have decided to carpet the whole basement and the carpet wont be in until the 2nd week in May and the carpet layer wont be able to lay it until the 3rd week in May! We still havent got moved in the bedroom upstairs as the pad is not right that they put in and the carpet still has a stain on it. I doubt that it will come out so then what --I dont know! I am moving everything back in tonite and then will have to move it all out again when the insurance decides what to do. It is so nerve wracking! I tried making a card today for a shower tomorrow between paint coats but it was a disaster as I couldnt find anything-the card is not cool! It is getting better and hopefully by Friday night we will be able to get through the house again! Keep watching as I may surprise you with a post!

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